Maize, commonly referred to as corn in the United States, has been considered a unique plant since the time that the indigenous peoples of the Americas developed it to be their staple food. It is central to many sacred mythologies and creation stories which are still honored today. Maize was introduced from the New World to the Old World in the 1400's, and it was planted between the harvesting of spring and winter crops, filling an important niche as a summer crop. Today, the United States, China, the European Union, Brazil and Mexico are the world's largest producers of maize.

Corn is generally perceived as a dietary staple, but the market for this agricultural commodity extends far beyond the dinner plate. Corn’s largest use is actually in animal feed, meaning that demand for this resource is tied to demand for protein intake and global population growth. Corn is also used in a number of other applications, including biofuels, sweeteners, and other consumer products.

Together, the US and China produce approximately 60% of the world maize crop. Maize accounts for 15-20% of the total daily calories in the diets of more than 20 developing countries, located mainly in Latin America and Africa. 68% of the land devoted to maize is located in the developing world, however only 46% of maize production occurs there, indicating the need for improving yields in developing countries where it is a major source of direct human consumption for many of the poor.

UBG Trading Group sells or brokers the sales of yellow corn (maize) on FOB and CIF basis.

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