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Another COVID-19 Summer: What you need to know now

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COVID-19 is sticking around for another summer and into the fall, Missouri is making national news for its growing rates: 

We want you and your family to stay healthy and cautious.

Still haven’t gotten the COVID-19 vaccine?

We want you to help you get it done. Individuals 12+ years old are eligible now to get this life-saving vaccine.  

访问 www.ubgtrading.com/covidvaccine for more information or call 816.656.8981 to make an appointment. 有关bat365官方网站在哪里提供COVID-19疫苗的最新信息,请继续关注bat365官方网站 脸谱网Instagram推特. 

为了获得一些最新的消息和建议,bat365官方网站采访了首席医疗官Dr. 克雷格·迪茨. Here’s what you should know now the coronavirus: 

Why should I still get vaccinated?

First, vaccines are easily and widely available. 你也可以去当地的杂货店、药店和医生的办公室. It doesn’t have to be a wait. 当然, 您可以预约KC CARE,并将其作为bat365官方网站常规医疗访问的一部分. And your kids can get vaccinated at Homeroom Health.  

其次,学校很快又要开学了,这也是疾病再次出现的时候——流感、感冒等等. If you haven’t been vaccinated against COVID-19, it could be unclear for your family, if it’s COVID-19 or not and cause you extra worry. 如果老年人和你住在一起,或者帮助你接送孩子或照顾孩子,接种疫苗就显得尤为重要. 

第三, even though COVID-19 rates had gone down (and are going back up now), the emerging delta variant is more deadly than the one we saw last year. 好消息是,bat365官方网站拥有的疫苗也能抵御这些毒株.  

Nearly all recent COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations have been in the unvaccinated. Don’t let this be you.  


最后,bat365官方网站研制出疫苗已经一年多了,包括临床试验. So, we know a great deal about the vaccine and its side effects. It’s been found to be safe and effective. 因此,bat365官方网站能够打开bat365官方网站的州/国家边界,尽可能地恢复正常生活.  

应该怎么 I know about the delta and other COVID-19 变体? 

这些是在传播的病毒中自然发生的突变. 它们像COVID-19病毒一样在人与人之间传播,传播速度很快(一两天内出现严重呼吸道症状). With the 变体, 你有很高的风险将病毒传播给其他人,住院的风险也更大.  

Without the vaccine, 如果你生病或暴露在环境中,你的身体需要几个星期才能产生足够的抗体. 如果你有变异,你将被迫隔离,无法继续生活. 然而, if you’re vaccinated and exposed to a variant, you aren’t likely to get ill and if you do, it will be significantly less severe.  

 I’ve already had COVID-19. Why get vaccinated now? 



I don’t think I’ll get sick, even if I’m exposed to COVID-19. 这是真的? 

You can still get sick, you can make other people sick. 关心他人应该和关心自己一样重要. bat365官方网站的工作场所、朋友家、健身房——bat365官方网站希望所有这些地方都能恢复正常. And you being unvaccinated does not help that.  

We hear the term herd immunity thrown arou和很多. It is a real thing. And the question is, do you want to part of the healthy herd or sick herd?  

How did the vaccine come out so quickly? 

Because of emerging technology over the last 5-10 years, it’s easier to make vaccinations than ever before. Ebola is a good example. 现在,bat365官方网站可以将这项技术复制到不同的疾病状态中——只需要DNA就可以了.  

The all-hands-on-deck approach removed some of the barriers to progress. Not as much work was done in a private silo. The vaccines were tested in the COVID Prevention Network (CoVPN) with the NIH, in which KC CARE participates.  

另外, instead of Moderna only being in their lab, 这项研究与全国数十个研究中心共享,并在大量人群中进行了测试. Dr. Barbara Pahud at Children’s Mercy connected us with others in the cohort. And with all this collaboration, vaccine development went faster.  

Dr. Pahud使用了做千层面的隐喻:人们的帮助使它更容易和更快,千层面可以批量做. It’s a community-wide, team-based approach.  

This is ideally how we should do things going forward. 制度障碍和缺乏合作不利于推进医疗保健. 对解决方案的速度和兴趣应该适用于其他疾病,如糖尿病. 

What do you think are the safest ways to approach summer activities? 

为了可预见的未来,你应该随时带着面具——就像你的钱包和钥匙一样. 你永远不知道什么时候有人会需要它,或者什么时候你会有紧急情况. bat365官方网站的工作人员继续戴口罩,bat365官方网站继续要求bat365官方网站的bat365官方和访客戴口罩. 

You should still mask:  

  • 在所有人们可能生病或有未知的疫苗状态的医疗机构. This includes a hospital, clinic, doctor’s office, or pharmacy. 
  • 在公共交通工具上——飞机、火车、公交车、出租车、Uber、Lyft或其他拼车方式. 
  • 在人群密集的大型活动中,因为你不知道谁接种了疫苗(一些室外音乐会场地), waiting in line at amusement park rides, 等.).  
  • Out of respect for businesses that request that you wear masks.  
  • At indoor activities with large amounts of people (concerts indoors, 购物中心, amusement park rides, 其他事件).  

Though you might remove your mask while seated at a restaurant or event, 当你在不认识的人周围走动时,戴上它仍然是明智的. 

Travel is ok in many parts of the U.S. You’ll want to follow these same mask guidelines wherever you go. 保护自己和他人的健康应该决定你的计划. 然而, be cautious about traveling overseas. The testing requirements are changing rapidly and vary between countries. 在外国隔离或从COVID-19中恢复可能代价高昂,压力很大. 

Any的现价 单词? 

请注意. 如果你已经接种了疫苗,一定要鼓励朋友、家人和同事接种. You’re the best advocate. Use your close ties to those who are not vaccinated. A lot of times, I tell patients who are hesitant, “好吧, if you don’t want the vaccine, then make sure you mom and grandma have it.”  

Look out for yourself and the most vulnerable people in your life. Together, we will get through the rest of the pandemic. And know that even if you’re unsure about the vaccine now, we’ll be here at KC CARE when you’re ready.